walk on in.

walk on in.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cambodia Update

Hello! As many of you know I spent the last week in Cambodia! The trip was AMAZING!!! I was so blessed to be a part of it and consider it a privilege to be able to serve there!

A quick recap
Saturday&Sunday: did a lot of touristy type things-visited the Royal Palace, the Killing Fields, the Genocide Museum and the Russian market
Monday-Wednesday: three days of hard labor! worked at New Hope Orphanage with our YL friends from Japan! We painted, did construction, played with kids etc! It was a great time of hard work and community and fellowship
Thursday&Friday-spent two days reflecting and relaxing at Sokah beach resort
Saturday: Said goodbye to our friends from Japan and returned to the orphanage to do some last minute painting and returned home Sunday

It was a whirlwind trip and I am still trying to process everything I saw and did. As many of you know Cambodia has had a history of turmoil and despair. If you don't know about it I encourage you to educate yourselves about it. I think that it is very important that you realize and understand Cambodia's history and culture. I knew very little before I visited and must say I had quite a rude awakening. I encourage all of you to view the film "The Killing Fields" -it gives an honest insight/true account of what happened in Cambodia during the 1970s. The Killing Fields and genocide museum were incredible testaments to the devastation that happened in Cambodia-I think it was very important for us to take the teens to these places-it helped them realize what the people we were serving had been through and why the majority of Cambodia is run down and "3rd world". It took me a few days to get over the shock of leaving the matropolized , 1st word city of Singapore and entering Cambodia.

Working at the orphanage was probably the most impactful experience for for the Japan YL team and the team from Singapore. I saw teenagers work so so so hard and give their all in everything they did. The truly took on the nature of a servant and poured blood, sweat and tears into serving New Hope Orphanage. New Hope Orphanage is located about two hours away form Phnom Phen, the country's capital. It is an orphanage that has little funding or care. All the children sleep directly on the floor, many have little clothes or belongings. Getting to interact with these kids was very untactful and it was incredible to see the teenagers instantly bond with them. I am so proud of how well the teenagers from both groups gave their all while at this orphanage.

This is beginning to turn into a novel-but know this: God is a work in teen's lives in Japan and Singapore. I believe He is smiling at all the work they did in Cambodia. God wants to bless Yl in Cambodia and believers in Cambodia. Pray for the people, the orphans and the culture-may walls be broken down everyday. May the kids who came and served so faithfully, really realize who they are serving-may all involved not soon forget this trip and all we saw and did.

Thank you for you prayers and encouragement.
Please know I would ALWAYS love to tell you more about this trip. My international phone number is a "918" number so should be free for the majority of you and those of you who have free long distance-I'd love to tell you more. Also attached are some pictures from the week!

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