walk on in.

walk on in.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wyldlife Camp

This past weekend my team and I headed to Malaysia for Wyldlife camp!!! We were met up with WL kids from Panang Malaysia-so we had about 100 people in total! It was the biggest camp to date! I led a cabin of girls, helped lead some games and just got to love on a ton of people. It was a wonderful experience-I was able to get to know girls on a more intimate level. I feel all I've done for the last month is just meeting people and then forgetting names and face because I've been meeting 40 people at a time. Camp was an awesome experience because I actually go to know kids names, their history, what they thought about God etc! Way cool experience for me. The kids didn't have a bad time either-they got have YL club every day and night, bonfire, outdoor games/sports and quality time with leaders and other kids that love them!

Most importantly the message of Jesus was proclaimed and kids got to hear how Jesus is our creator, how we all have sin in our lives, how he died to pay the cost of that sin, and how he rose again and wants us to journey on with him as our guide. There were many girls in my cabin (and many kids) who wanted to learn more or go deeper with Christ because of hearing this message. Also there were many kids who wanted to start following this "Jesus" now and wanted to become one of his children and friend-letting him be their guide. So so so so awesome and may God be glorified through all these decisions made and may we, I, and the team be faithful to follow up with our individual kids. Thank you for all your prayers-if you contact me I can tell you more specifically who and what to be praying for! Camp was definitely an amazing experience and God showed up in a mighty way.

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