walk on in.

walk on in.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome to Singapore!

Well it has been a week since I have landed in my new home of Singapore! I have gotten to see a lot and meet a lot of really cool people! This past weekend the whole country was celebrating Chinese New Year...and guess what?? It is the year of the tiger! I'm a tiger ;-)! It is a huge holiday here in Asia and I would say it is a mix between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Everyone gets off work and school...and everything is decorated and festive! Sunday afternoon, the Walton family (the family I'm living with ) took me around Clarke Quay and gave me a mini tour of all the historical sights of downtown. We also were able to go an exhilarating, free fall swing ride...we ended the night with Indian Food...yummy! Last night, the Young Life team threw a welcome party for me at the Waltons house! There were about 35 people in attendance and it was good to meet a lot of the Young Life committee and their families.
I finally feel as though I am catching up on some sleep and my body is beginning to feel rested! Tomorrow is a big day with a staff meeting, and then going to one of the schools to help with Running Club! I am excited to start working and getting to meet kiddos!

I am thankful for all the support and prayers people have been communicating with me...it really makes my day and reminds me of Christ's love for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You all are in my prayers. Never hesitate to communicate with me how I may serve you, even while I am overseas! Much love

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  1. Glad you made it safe and are getting settled in. Have a great weekend!